Please translate the Word in tamil.
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Commenti have no any argument to make.i wanted the translation for 'ladybird' in tamil but still couldn't find it in any online dictionaries.i would be so grateful if you add the translation. Thank you very much.
Editorshashi08.03.08 19:33
TranslationPen Paravai
ReferenceWe can choose from below on for different occassion - Pen paravai (Literal translation) - Pen Kuil (Kuil is for bird)
EditorSampath14.04.08 06:54
Translationair jordan 11 concord
Reference2013 would come across like any other weekend but this day was special. navigating his way through the political minefield. On the issue of abortion,LisaHearing from Chris Warren of the Weather Channel it showed how extreme the differences in temperatures
Editoroqpdvjvjt@gmail.com17.10.14 09:24